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Nest Thermostat working on SmartThings

I know from SmartThings forums and Office Hours that Nest Thermostat is one of the most requested devices for SmartThings so I decided to give it a try.

I worked with Nest and a Raspberry Pi before, using a Python library, so I knew this integration was possible.

Using gboudreau/nest-api I was able to connect to my Nest account, trigger actions and get reports from the device.

On SmartThings IDE, I created a virtual device by going to “My Devices” and “+ New Device”. This allowed me to assign the Device type “Nest Thermostat” to it, showing as one of my devices 🙂

Finally, the only thing left was defining the device type. “Z-Wave Thermostat” was the perfect starting point. Basically, I replaced the Z-Wave actions with calls to the API.

After a couple of hours and some help from Danny Kleinman, who is always there for me when I get stuck, this is the result:

Nest Thermostat on SmartThings

Big circle = Current Temperature
Small circle = Target Temperature
First Tile = Mode: Cool – Heat – Away
Slider =  Sets target temperature
Second Tile = Fan: Fan On – Fan Auto
Third Tile = Humidity

This video was captured with Google Glass

Hope you like it. Looking forward to bring this integration to everyone as soon as possible.
Please contact me or leave a comment if you have any question on how to integrate your Nest Thermostat.

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Audible Notifications for SmartThings

Audible Notifications will deliver notifications base on possible scenarios like the “The laundry is done” or “Mail Arrived”.

The idea is to send a notification to the device that will play a specific mp3 file stored on it. For example, if the laundry is done, the device will play a voice saying that we should check the laundry.

This is the first prototype.

Arduino Duemilanove, a SmartThings Shield and a Sparkfun MP3 Shield.

For it I used an Arduino Duemilanove, a SmartThings Shield and a Sparkfun MP3 Shield.

Imagine the possibilities when you connect this to SmartThings and IFTTT.

Stay tuned for more updates.