Jawbone and SmartThings to the rescue (from an awkward date)

In an era where online dating increases every day, awkward dating is part of the picture. It often happens that you meet someone online and the first date is also the first time you interact with her/him in person.
Let’s be honest, your online profile is a way of marketing yourself, it usually reflects things you are proud of, leaving less pleasant aspect of your personality for the other to discover.
Matches are made in heaven but for those made in hell, now, you can use SmartThings and Jawbone.
jawbone-up-8The process is really simple, leave your phone on the table and discretely push the button on your Jawbone until it vibrates. In a couple of seconds you will get a preset text message that can be used as the perfect excuse to fly away.

photo How to set up the perfect escape:

– Activate the “Jawbone Panic Button” app in your SmartThings account.
– Select the Jawbone UP that you would like to use to trigger the text message.
– Enter a message like “I won’t be able to arrive home in time. Please take the dog out ASAP.”
– Enter your phone number.
– Test it.
– Rename the sender as something like “Mom”.
– All set!

Hopefully you won’t ever need it 🙂