Subject Verb Agreement Questions Indiabix

The verb MUST correspond to part X of the subject. It`s a common mistake to think like that. As “one” is singular, if “one” were the noun modified by the relative sentence, the verb should have been singular: “hat” and not “have”. One of the most common tricks that testers play on us in correcting GMAT sentences is that we overlook a lack of consistency between a subject and its verb. This may seem so fundamental to any language that it would be hard for us to ignore it. In many cases, this is true. For example, it`s pretty easy to realize that it`s “the book” or “that are books.” However, one of the tools of test manufacturers is to place the subject away from the verb to confuse us. “The article” is singular. Therefore, the singular verb must be “allusions”.

Eliminate B. But before we continue, note what test manufacturers are trying to make us believe. By placing a sentence between the subject and the verb with a plural noun “on the theme of Colombian drug barons”, the testers try to deceive us that the subject is actually plural. In addition, it creates a distance between the subject and the verb and this distance must confuse us. Indeed, this is another trap. This is called X of the structure Y or, in this case, the structure X-on Y (The article on the subject…), and as for the structure X-von-Y, the verb should correspond to the part X of the subject, not to what comes after. The first of these constructions is the theme “X of Y”; The second is “one of X, the… “, X being synonymous with plural noun. Both structures contain the preposition “of”, and this is why test participants might confuse them. The first step is to find out what the topic is. For comprehensive and interactive lessons, practice tests, and online tutor support, subscribe to one of Economist GMAT Tutor`s top GMAT preparation plans….