Financial Agreement Dental Office

A dental finance agreement is a powerful tool for the dental practice. This document allows the dental office to say “YES”! “Yes, we have payment options and yes, we can make financial arrangements!” Use this agreement as a tool to help the dental office team discuss dental care and costs. Go ahead and download my model below! There will always be money in debit reports. Options for financing advances will help ease this burden on the Agency. It takes a long time to hunt money once the treatment is complete. So you`re looking for money! Improve your patient relationships and collection rates with large dental financial arrangements and solid scripts. And don`t hesitate to train! Practice makes perfect!! We have agreements with Care Credit Company to provide payment plans. This allows you to finish your dental work without delay and make relatively small monthly payments. Care credits are used for treatments over $300.

Applications are available and authorization can be determined within ten minutes. For your convenience, you can also connect to Thing 1: You speak very comfortably about dental care. As a service for our patients, we submit your dental insurance via electronic claims. We work with your insurance company to provide you with the most accurate estimate of your co-countries. It is the patient`s responsibility to provide adequate insurance information on the first visit. For all uninsured patients, a full payment is required at the time of service. Insured patients are responsible for all amounts and should be prepared to pay any amounts that are not covered by the insurance quote. Since insurance plans pay only a portion of the processing costs, we can only estimate what your insurance company will pay. The maximum time allowed to pay for insurance is sixty days.

After sixty days, the patient is responsible for the entire check-up. Yes, I said, “We can make financial arrangements.” The idea is to find ways to say yes to the needs of our patients. At 25 years in the field, I have a long, long history of a collection rate of 101% and compliance with the treatment plan! Let`s be creative and think beyond the limits of the plate. For the convenience of our patients was established the following office policy and financial arrangement for your audit. In addition to the ability for the dental practice to say “yes, we offer payment options,” you should also see a higher monthly recovery rate and a lower debt problem. Write a script to use with the dental finance agreement. Each member of the dental office team will use their own personality and style.