Data Processing Agreement Cisco Webex

(b) provided training in legislation on the processing of personal data; and (c) neither MZ nor any of its subcontractors process or direct customer data, except in the European Economic Area, unless “specific” treatment is limited to what is necessary to provide services under the agreement; (a) a request for access to the personal data of the person concerned (since this concept is understood by reference to data protection legislation); (c) any other communication, directly or indirectly, relating to the processing of personal data under this agreement; and in all cases, MZ will provide without delay the information and assistance that the customer reasonably needs to respond and resolve the request, complaint or other communication within a time frame imposed by existing data protection legislation. (b) provide, after notification, the information and assistance that the customer reasonably needs in order for the customer to report the breach of personal data to the information manager and/or the persons concerned in accordance with data protection legislation. `data protection legislation` for the periods in which it is in force, the European Union`s Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC, any legislation that implements or provides for the European Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC( 2.11. In addition to its obligations under paragraphs 2.9 and 2.10, MZ is required to notify the client as soon as he becomes aware of a breach of personal data (the term being understood by reference to the RGPD); and why and how we process your data in Cisco`s WebEx system, and your rights. (b) a complaint or request regarding the client`s obligations and/or the rights of a person concerned under data protection legislation; or you can check certifications and processes to protect your data. `standard clauses`, the standard contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data to a subcontractor outside the European Economic Area, in the form adopted from time to time by the European Commission; Binding Corporate Rules (“BCR”) refers to a set of mandatory business rules for data transfer outside the EEA, but only within a group of companies authorised by the relevant EU data protection authority as compliant with Articles 29 of the working group, 2.10.MZ must inform the customer as soon as he becomes aware of his obligations to process customer data under this agreement or data protection law. After notification, the customer has the right to terminate this contract in writing, at his sole discretion.