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Hi, it`s fellas! On that occasion, we will discuss the agreement a lot. If we look for the word of agreement in the English dictionary, we will find that the word agreement has the meaning of agreement or agreement. In English grammar, the agreement itself can be understood as an adaptation between the elements of the sentence or parts of the speech. The categories of understanding agreements and examples in English are explained below: in particular, the agreement is a correspondence between the pronodem and the predecessor, as well as a correspondence between the verb and the subject. The agreement is used as a pronoun that follows the person`s point of view, whether it is the first person, the second person or the third person. Here`s an example: the chord consists of 9 characters starting with the a sign and ending with the t sign with 4 vowels. The following is a translation of the importance of the English word agreement in Indonesian in the German-Indonesian dictionary The first type of agreement is an agreement in numbers or accordingly in the field of numbers or amounts. This kind of chord is used for words that use words that precede pronouns, both individual pronouns and plural pronouns. This type of chord is used as a pronoun that follows the gender nature of the pronoun or subject that was before the pronoun. The sex in question is female, male or neutral. Below is an example of the application of agreements in sex: this agreement is more common in subjective conventions. In order for the reader to better understand the payment agreement, here is an example of its use: let`s hope that the reader can correctly and correctly identify by reading the article on understanding the agreement and, for example, in English, or entering into an agreement to improve the basic skills of English. In addition to the “agreement,” you may also be looking for an explanation for the following words: here is the article on the material of understanding the agreement and examples in English that the author can pass on to the reader on this wonderful occasion.

Home Grammatik “Understanding the agreement and examples in English. Never give up learning English and seeing you next time. Wish a beautiful day before! Predecessor itself is a word, phrase or clause that is replaced by a pronoun in a sentence. This agreement should be taken into account in its application in order to avoid any errors in the drafting of sentences.