Jawbone and SmartThings to the rescue (from an awkward date)

In an era where online dating increases every day, awkward dating is part of the picture. It often happens that you meet someone online and the first date is also the first time you interact with her/him in person.
Let’s be honest, your online profile is a way of marketing yourself, it usually reflects things you are proud of, leaving less pleasant aspect of your personality for the other to discover.
Matches are made in heaven but for those made in hell, now, you can use SmartThings and Jawbone.
jawbone-up-8The process is really simple, leave your phone on the table and discretely push the button on your Jawbone until it vibrates. In a couple of seconds you will get a preset text message that can be used as the perfect excuse to fly away.

photo How to set up the perfect escape:

– Activate the “Jawbone Panic Button” app in your SmartThings account.
– Select the Jawbone UP that you would like to use to trigger the text message.
– Enter a message like “I won’t be able to arrive home in time. Please take the dog out ASAP.”
– Enter your phone number.
– Test it.
– Rename the sender as something like “Mom”.
– All set!

Hopefully you won’t ever need it 🙂

15 thoughts on “Jawbone and SmartThings to the rescue (from an awkward date)

  1. Stuart Denton

    Hi, I cannot see the ‘jawbone app’ in the apps within SmartThings? Could you let me know exactly where it lists it? Great work btw.

          1. Stuart Denton

            Nice one! Can I just add to those who may congratulate you on your absolutely outstanding work. Please keep doing what you are doing!

          2. juano2310

            Thanks a lot! I just try to give a little back to the amazing open source community that has always helped me 🙂

          3. Stuart Denton

            Hi, one last issue. I set the Jawbone to automatically switch to morning/night modes when pressing the button to go sleep but I find some days it doesn’t work. Have you come across this issue or does it work flawlessly for you? Any ideas what I could try? thanks

          4. juano2310

            Hi! Make sure that you have the Jawbone app open, it receives the command from the Jawbone and then the API sends a notification to SmartThings.

          5. Stuart Denton

            That would seem very plausible – thank you – In my haste I deleted the Jawbone integration from SmartThings in the hope of re-installing it and putting the program in again. However, I now cannot pair the JawBone with SmartThings – I go to add new device/fitness band, then tap JawBone and on the ‘Click to enter JawBone credentials’, I tap that and the next screen says ‘Authorize this connection’, I click Agree, then done but kicks me back to the ‘Jawbone enter credentials’ page every time – it doesn’t go green like it should do, it stays red – I’ve emailed SmartThings about this as well to see if they know what to do but as you are the developer, I just wondered whether you might have come across this problem in your testing? I’m sorry to be a pain in the ass 🙁

          6. juano2310

            Haha, no worries. Try uninstalling the app completely, force quit the SmartThings app and try to install it again.
            Just in case, to uninstall go to the bottom where all the Labs apps are and make sure eliminate all jawbone apps.
            Hope this helps!

  2. Zach

    Expanding on this idea, could JawBone UP24 be utilized as a pseudo remote for smart things? For example, when mowing the lawn and it gets dark out, could I use JawBone to activate exterior lights by pressing the button a designated number of times?

    1. juano2310

      In theory yes… but the delay from the Jawbone’s API would make it difficult to track multiple pushes of the button 🙁


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